Heap Of Stromateis

I have a severe tab-link-backlog. This is the remedy:
• Since we actually live nearer Lochaber than ever before, this would be a possible gift idea, if only we weren’t resistant to the idea of landed nobility.
Elizabeth Drescher rightly assails the “Web makes us stupid” argument from Nicholas Carr (and, by appropriation, Len Sweet)
• The Journal of Electronic Publishing tackles the question of the future of University Presses. Speaking of which, in case I didn’t link to it before, here’s Seth Godin speaking to Indie publishers.
• Speaking of which, read this summary from Boing Boing, and for the recording-industry/music words substitute “print publishing”/“books” words. We haven’t reached that threshold yet, but we’re getting very near it, and the future will reward those who don’t waste their energies trying to hold back the technological tide.
• Speaking of publishing, and modulating to “teaching about writing,” the great Steve Himmer this year received two Pushcart Prize nominations, and he’s looking over the proofs of his forthcoming novel. We knew him way back when!
• The Chronicle presents a column on stipulating that students design their papers well, rather than giving them strict formatting guidelines
Reconfiguring Harvard’s library system — I sure hope they’re listening to their own David Weinberger on this
• I had most of these Peanuts books when I was a kid, beginning with the very first — many in French, too! It was a great way to brush up my vernacular (rather than schoolroom) French.

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