Mountain Goats In Glasgow

Sunday night I’ll be going to King Tut’s Wah-Wah Hut (no, I’m not kidding, Radiohead and Oasis were “discovered” there, among other bands) to see the Mountain Goats touring behind their new album, All Eternals Deck. I’m an ardent Goats fan, and I probably mentioned here several times that I wrote an article about them for the “Popular Music” issue of Biblical Interpretation (sorry, limited access). I love having written it; I’m (mostly) proud of it and of how it compares to professional music criticism and to biblical critics’ writings about popular culture (especially for my first go).
Unfortunately (“catastrophically”, in my self-absorbed moments) something intervened between the “Send” button and the editors. We were having connectivity issues at home, and maybe I sent the proofs on via the Uni server during a down-for-maintenance interval; I don’t know how it didn’t get out from Glasgow, but apparently it didn’t because they didn’t print my corrected proofs. I’ve written them to plead for a corrected version to replace the defective version in the digital archive, but no word so far. Anyway, if you can’t get it from the official channels, I can send you a copy of my corrected version and you can write in the page numbers yourself (109-128) since the pagination isn’t affected by their non-entry of my emendations.
It’s frustrating and embarrassing, but it’ll be great to see the Mountain Goats Sunday evening, and I won’t be thinking of typos and editorial lapses — I’ll be hoping they play some of my favourites, thrilling at some surprises, and generally having the time of my life.

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  1. You are wasting your time trying to get Brill to admit to an editorial error. I once published an article in Dead Sea Discoveries which came out with all the Hebrew letters written in reverse order. Although I marked this problem on the proofs, and explicitly called the proofs editor’s attention to it in an email, it still was published that way. John Collins, the incoming editor for the journal, wrote to Brill asking them to print an apology in the next number of the journal, but they refused even to do that.

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