Happy New Year

(— by which I refer not to Rosh Hashanah, which will be coming up in ten days or so, but to the new academic year.)
The new-look Level One course met this morning, and the lecture room was full to overflowing; we actually had to disperse people who were signing up for the class at the end, because the next course needed the room. That was pleasing and fun, and then I began my stint as Church History lecturer for our Level Two course (Early Church History in two weeks, whee!), and that was fun as well — I got to see some familiar faces there. Now, I’m about to meet David Jasper’s Honours course in Bible, Literature, and Culture (he’s away in China); and tomorrow I’ll have the Bible course, the Church History course, and (I think) the Level One Worship and Liturgy course (also covering for David).
There’s a mild chill in the air, leaves are turning, my voice is holding up despite all the talking and some night-time throat irritation. Happy new year, everyone!

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