Checking In

Today has been pretty uneventful, but I’m not going to take that as an excuse to not-blog, since I’m still working up the habit of blogging as often as possible. To the end of reporting something rather than nothing, then, I will note that we got Margaret new lenses for her glasses this morning (her eyes have been changing, and she experienced a vitreal event this winter that aggravated her sense that her vision was blurred). When we stopped at our regular café, S’mug, we were greeted by Stewart at the table next to ours — someone we hadn’t met before, but who recognised me from my Foursquare avatar (the pixelated Diesel Sweeties-style image of me) and from our email communication relative to his doing some web design work for Trinity College.
More important than any of that, though, today was actually clear and sunny in Glasgow! Just when one might have been beginning to doubt that it was possible, we had a few hours of lovely, crisp daylight — then sunset around 3:00. But it was a start.

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