Return To Light

To celebrate the restoration of a full repertoire of digital-media entertainment and instructional services, I call your attention to two old favourites of the Adam family.
First, Glider Classic for the iPhone/iPod/iPad brings back to functionality a game that Si (certainly) and maybe Nate and Pippa enjoyed as they were growing up. It’s great to see this simple, non-violent (except for cat predation) game back; lovely notions such as this shouldn’t be abandoned when technology changes. (now, to get Barrack back — be sure to go and tell Ambrosia that you want an iOS version!)
As if that weren’t enough joy (and it’s more than one gets on most days, isn’t it?), I reconnected with one of our beloved sites from way back. It turns out hi! monkey has moved around and ended up on a WordPress blog. I just subscribed to hi! monkey in my RSS reader, and will follow the world’s leading terrycloth primate in Twitter and Facebook as well. You can never get enough hi! monkey, it says here.

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