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I’ve thought about posting a ‘Top X songs/albums of 2011’ entry, but it’s still too soon for me to have perspective on which musical endeavours will continue to impress me, and which will pass away like the flower of the field. Luckily for me, and for us all, the collaborators at Typographico had no such compunctions about identifying favourite new typefaces of 2011, so they compiled a list of ‘Our Favorite Typefaces of 2011’, a feast for the eyes and for the typographic imagination.
There are none I dislike (marking a change from years past when one or another edgy, or trendy, or idiosyncratic typeface grated on my sensibilities. I’ve a soft spot for Venetians, so I [particularly like Cala, and grotesks, so I like Supria Sans. The list encompasses numerous ingenious, subtle, versatile, forceful designs, though — OK, I’ll shout-out to Simonson’s Bookmania, too; Simonson is terrific — that the list as a whole shows the wonders that continue to blossom in the fields of typography, sturdy perennials, and I look forward to putting one or two of these into use some fine day.

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