‘Elegy for our Locus Amoenus’

Pippa presented a ‘prototype’ of the work for her senior thesis at Interlochen yesterday. We’ve seen bits and pieces of it before; she was crocheting doilies all summer (the work currently totals 291 doilies), we’ve seen the ‘tree’ on which she’s sitting, and so on. But put all together, it makes a really stunning impression —

(Photo credit: Pippa’s friend Christine)

(Granted that I do not accord ‘the author’ the defining voice in interpretation, I’m interested to learn what a creator supposes she is doing, so:) She observes that the tree on which the central figure sits is her locus amoenus, which she has ruined, through nostalgia and jealousy, so that it’s preserved, enclosed in a snow-globe, as a frozen memory. She sent along some photos of details of the piece as well (below the fold).


Tree texture
Jealousy and nostalgia

Fond memories

The work as presented is still only a prototype; there are more doilies to be incorporated, and more lace, and no doubt refinements at a number of points. But we’re just awestruck at what our daughter has done, and we’re very thankful to have such stunningly beautiful, gifted, creative, loving children in our family.

2 thoughts on “‘Elegy for our Locus Amoenus’

  1. I repeat my previous comment that this is an absolutely and beautifully mythic piece. I am so jealous of how creatively she has turned crochet and fabric into innovative art. And thanks for the close-up photos. Please be sure to post the completely finished piece.

  2. Thanks, Elaine! You can bet my parental admiration for Pippa guarantees that I’ll post anything she allows me to, as soon as I have access to photos. (One of the drawbacks to intercontinental parenting is that we aren’t right there to snap photos of every cool thing she does).

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