Video Before Maundy

I just found out — a little late — that the Welcome Wagon have a new album coming out soon. They’ve released a single and video for the song ‘Would You Come See Me In New York City’ before the whole album drops in June.


While I listened this morning, I wondered whether I’d like the Welcome Wagon if I hadn’t known Vito when he was in seminary. I think I would — I hear elements of other performers I like, without some of the preciosity or self-congratulatory artsiness that puts me off — but I could be fine-tuning my listening just to make room for a favourite student. Either way, I can’t resist, and it’s good, appropriate theological music for beginning Holy Weekend.
Not theological, but enjoyable to those of us who love books and design, Chip Kidd talks to TED about his work for Knopf.


And with no redeeming value at all, this is what the espresso-maker in the staff lounge sounds (and looks) like. It’s gone broken now, so I don’t hear it every morning several times, but I won’t ever forget it.


‘I gave myself to sin
I gave myself to providence
And I have been there and back again
The state that I am in’


        — Belle and Sebastian

2 thoughts on “Video Before Maundy

  1. /pulls long face
    No, Laura, it has been broken for a couple of weeks; I make filter coffee (which I actually prefer anyway) with the kettle. I am not guilty of whatever is going wrong with the espresso maker, unless it just simply wore out from the amount of americano I was drinking.

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