Cursory Writing

I’m busily, happily revising my essay ‘The Question Concerning Technology and Religion’ for publication in an academic journal (research, thinking and writing can be such fun! I’d forgotten!), so I don’t have time for a full-fledged post. Just want to say it’s a treat to have the chance to take this on, and to have several other short-term projects in my queue for study leave. Workaday responsibilities can too readily paralyse my imagination; turning to hard thinking, taking up the responsibility to express myself clearly and effectively for critical readers, really wakes me up. Thank you, world, for setting me to this work and for encouraging me to pursue it (though it would be even better if that ‘encouragement’ didn’t take the form of the *#$€!¥!#* REF.
Anyway, the main motivation for posting today at all is that my father-in-law’s film camera has finally gone to the big darkroom beyond, and it seems most practical not to try to find another. So he’s in the market for digital camera, and his chief requirement is that it afford telephoto capacity (whether by a zoom or separate lenses). Since it will be his first digital camera, I’m suggesting a point-and-shoot with a generous zoom, on the principle that the transition from film to digital will entail some acclimatisation in the first place; but he may want to jump directly to a DSLR (or mirrorless). Since I know that the internetz likes nothing much more than product recommendations, I’m asking my friends: any guidance on a camera for Margaret’s Dad?

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