All The Way From America

I’m over here in the States. That feels weird; it’s a mark of how thoroughly I’m settling in Scotland that being in the USA unsettles me in vague, subtle ways. But the weather is great, and it’s wonderful to be here with Si and Laura and Laura’s parents Carol and Doug (being friends with your in-laws has to be one of the very top features of your children’s marriages — we get to boast to one another about how great they are, and we all know that we’re right!), and it’s good for me to get out of Glasgow for a while, if only to love it the more when I return.
I’m on my way to a meeting of the Editorial Board of Teaching Theology and Religion, an academic journal that does what it says on the tin, during which the BBC segment which [may be] featuring bits of conversation with me will air, so if you listen to it live, you’ll be able to terrify me by saying how bizarre I sounded. Vanity and anticipatory curiosity combine to make me itchy to know how it all turns out, but there’s a lot to do before then: some miscellaneous US shopping (for my undifferentiated black socks, etc), a haircut, honouring Doug and Carol’s anniversary, travel to the Wabash Centre, Board work.
Then, off to Interlochen for Pippa’s graduation!

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