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I have started but not finished a post about how one might really do exegesis, but for now I’ll just point to these two delightful comics by David Malki (one, two) that remind me of the portion of What Is Postmodern Biblical Criticism? where I comment on 2 Thessalonians 2:1f, 3:17 (drawing, as I note there, on Derrida’s ‘Signature Event Context’ and ‘Limited Inc’).
Malki is one of a number of comics artists (including Nina Paley (below), Dorothy Gambrell, Ryan North, and I’m sure there are others) who’ve riffed productively on problems enmeshed in (biblical) hermeneutics. In a more nearly perfect world, I’d love to write a book with one or more of them, but they surely have more productive, more lucrative things to do.
if the author is dead what explains us / we're just the readers' interpretations / please interpret us better
Sometime, though, I may put a number of these comics together for an essay or a presentation. Removing the discussion from the familiar grounds of dry technical essays in academic books and recontextualising them in comics form offers a greater chance of breaking through the current theoretical logjam.

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