Reception History Resource

Once upon a time, scholars had to resort to all manner of ingenuity to scare up research sources — among them, ‘word of mouth’, our professors’ casual allusions, and the library circulation cards that we used to have to sign when we withdrew books from our libraries (ask your parents, kids). One of the resources that I’ve drawn on many times over the years is James Darling’s Cyclopaedia bibliographica:a library manual of theological and general literature, and guide to books for authors, preachers, students, and literary men. Analytical, bibliographical, and biographical, a great bibliographic reference for obscure treatments of biblical passages and topics. I believe Brevard Childs tipped me off to this when I was at YDS; I could walk to the spot where it used to be shelved in the YDS library (and also at Garrett, I think).
Now, you new-fangled research kids can just download it from Google Books or

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