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Last week, as I said, was a bit of a madness — the high-tension, high-stakes visa application wiped out the first bit of the week, and Margaret and I spent the weekend fine-tooth-combing her book manuscript (interrupted by the new Doctor Who episode yesterday night).
I keep saving tabs to comment on, from The Last Psychiatrist’s partly-off-target salvo at Harvard’s cheating scandal, to my classmate Larry Lindsey’s (partly) off-target observations on the US financial situation, to anything about the Republican National Convention (but I closed all those tabs in incredulity). But I’m not sure I’ll get to any of those, because tomorrow begins the week that first-years come and register for their classes, and I’ve been prevailed on to serve as Advisor of Studies this year for Theology and Religious Studies. I’m booked wall to wall most days with students coming in at half-hour intervals for me to say soothing things to them while we make sure that they’re taking the mandated 120 credits in three subject areas.
Margaret’s book will be really good, and we hope to send it off this week. I have several projects of my own that demand urgent attention, and then there are those first-years. It’s back to respectable clothing on weekdays….

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