Week Three

Same mile, same run/walk, same 12:35 as last week.
My thigh muscles felt weaker than last week, and my legs were leaden. I actually felt like running on Wednesday morning, but gave it a miss; this morning I was less motivated, and the run was hard.

2 thoughts on “Week Three

    1. Right now, I’m going once a week, Sunday morning. I have my eye on Wednesday mornings, and I’ll be on leave in Hilary Term so it’ll be a lot easier to run other days as well. (I should explain: Weekdays I’m due at Morning Prayer at 7:30, which can be a challenge just by itself. Wednesday is an exception, ‘cos MP doesn’t start till 8:00, which I should be able to make after a run if I get an early start. Sunday, MP doesn’t start till 8:30, which is why I’ve begun running on Sunday’s.)

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