One Step Forward, Two Stumbles Back

Since the last time I ran was… 21 days ago, one would only expect that I fall back significantly on my comeback run this morning. Alas, I lived up to expectations. This morning’s time was 12:28, a full minute slower than when I left off in December. Disappointing, but since I hope to ratchet up my runs/week while on my term’s leave, my time should drift back toward the times I was setting a few weeks ago.

My amateur analysis of the run puts down the slower time to (1) breathing and (2) freezing weather. My wind was far from the efficiency I worked up to earlier, and the frigid weather doesn’t help a bit. My legs, though leaden, weren’t what slowed me down so much as my need to gasp for air at intervals. On the positive side, I didn’t break stride until about a block before my past best landmark, which feels reassuring. We’ll see how Wednesday goes, assuming weather permits.

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