Meaning and Deliberation

A few minutes ago, I was typing at the small table on which I also keep miscellaneous papers, some Post-It notes, a Newman memorial card, and the remote that operates our Apple TV. As I was typing (vigorously), I heard the remote beginning to slide off the heap orderly pile of papers. I heard, but did not see, because some of the papers lay between me and the sliding remote.
Without my looking up, while I still had not seen the remote, my left hand reached out under the edge of the table, roughly below the point from which the remote might fall. I caught the falling remote — before I even saw it.

Does this suggest anything about the relation of linguistic (and non-linguistic) expression and apprehension?

1 thought on “Meaning and Deliberation

  1. What it says is you are very smart and your motor skills and hand eye co-ordination are excellent for a young man your age. On the other hand you are a risk taker and allow your untidy desk-keeping to put your mobile at risk. Nevertheless, your confidence in your cognitive and kinetic abilities maybe indicates your being less of a risk taker but could it have been a matter of sheer ‘Bon chance’!

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