Really, I Do Hate It

In case anyone has forgotten, I hate running. This morning was cold (4°) and I would much rather have been doing one of a thousand other things. No special impediments (except the air temperature, I suppose), and another mile in 10:13. This begins to look like a plateau.

2 thoughts on “Really, I Do Hate It

  1. 10:13 is a high plateau! (In this case, height is good.) Back before The Great Fall – last spring I landed face first on asphalt and did enough damage to put me off running ever since – I was running just about every day, and a day in which I had a quarter mile pace under 10 minutes/mile was an excellent and rare day. A consistent 10:13 would be highly satisfactory.

    I routinely am passed by people who are running so slowly that I want to yell at them to speed up.

  2. Oh, David — very sorry to hear about (‘remember’?) The Great Fall, although I’m a bit envious that you have a good reason not to perform this grimly unpleasant routine. I started skipping rope in the morning about three or even four years ago, at which point I couldn’t really skip the rope at all. After I got bold enough to think that inhaling during exercise was in fact possible, I started running a mile on Sunday mornings (because I don’t have Morning Prayer till 8:30 on Sundays, so there’s time to run and clean up after). Then I noted that I have Morning Prayer at 8:30 on Wednesdays, too, so after a while I worked up to running my mile twice a week. And only just a couple of months ago did I run the whole mile without breaking stride.

    Someday I’ll probably run a 5K, but I decline to make running more than a mile a regular practice, as a morning mile seems a plausible and humble exercise while running those other extravagantly long distances smacks of the sin of superbia.

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