Sunday Stromateis

• Since I’m blogging again, more or less, it seems as though I should rely more on Flickr as my medium for online images, so I spent some time uploading to and titling and tagging photos in my Flickr feed. I’ll devote mindless moments to retrospective Flickring, too, so the Facebook years should be covered in Flickr as well.

• Testing Greek Unicode on this server: ?? ???? ?? ? ?????…. Okay, that will need attention.

• I did run this morning, though heavy legs and rough breathing (see what I did there, Greek readers?) after a two-week layoff meant an embarrassingly slow time. I’ll miss Wednesday too, so next Sunday will be slow again, but I trust that diligent application will bring me back to times that are closer to my recent plateau. (This morning, 11:04 — I told you it was bad).

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