Corona World, Day Four

After some to-ing and fro-ing, we’re going full-on self-isolation. Margaret has a cough that’s probably just her seasonal allergies or a cold (cough isn’t as dry and persistent as COVID cough is supposed to be, and no fever), and my reckless inclination to buy groceries, both weigh against our letting impulse or wishful thinking stretch self-isolation past the point of what is most sensible for us.

Yesterday we hardly went out. I made my morning mile run and then took a very short late-afternoon walk. Margaret had a visit from a friend, but apart from that I just read and puttered around the house while Margaret had a series of meetings for her animal ethics work. We watched Zodiac in the evening (admirable actors, plot with a degree of low-burn suspense, but ultimately not as intense as its length would have required).

My morning mile today was chilly (5°), a bit breezy, stiff joints, but satisfactory overall. I had enough energy to push harder in the last third of the run, and wound up at 10:14. Today will probably be more reading, more viewing, and not much else.

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