COVID World Eleven (A)

Somehow I got into the habit of writing these entries retrospective to the day after things actually happened, so beginning now I’ll write about the actual, you know, day advertised in the title of the entry.

So, this morning I took my morning run in 3° weather with icy breezes. Honestly, if they’re going to call this ‘British Summer Time’, the least they could do is dial up the temperatures to 7° or 8° anyway. My limbs felt as unforgiving as usual in the mornings, but the run itself seems to have gone all right — 10:11 even though I didn’t feel as though I was moving that well.

We attended morning Mass for Passion Sunday at Holy Trinity Church in Wolverhampton with Fr Damian, then had a leisurely morning breakfast and lunch. Margaret has been working at a jigsaw puzzle; I’ve performed some maintenance on the music library for our listening pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, we were touched to see Glasgow in glory in this drone footage (with a Belle and Sebastian soundtrack, so that’s good):

We took a stroll around Christ Church Meadows by the Thames this afternoon, and the 40 mph winds with 7° temperature kept us moving pretty rapidly. Happy to arrive home safe and (now) warm.

Margaret prepared a delicious crepe dinner, and we’ve settled in to watch ‘The Quake’, a Norwegian disaster film that is, we are assured, actually good. We will see.

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