COVID World, 18

I didn’t think to write during the day, so a quick overview. Ran my mile in 6°, no breeze, 10:14. Participated in Mass from St Benet’s, Kentish Town. Worked on the Easter Sermon that I (perhaps ill-advisedly) agreed to record. Fretted a bit about Josiah and the virus. We got news that one of Margaret’s unsles was taken ill (not the virus).

In the afternoon, Margaret took a walk. I worked on sorting and titling my photos of the Milan trip, and when Margaret got back, we had a chat with our dear friend Phil. Toward the end of the chat, we got a call from Indiana; thinking it might be a medical update on Si, we broke off with Phil. Laura was calling for a general talk, but it emerged that Si’s fever is down, thank heaven.

Boiled potatoes, beans, broccoli, and cheese for dinner, and more Spooks for evening amusement.

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