COVID, Day Sixty-Seven

The temperature had cooled to 11° this morning, and although I felt all right while warming up, I decided early on to take this mile slow and easy. I finished in 9:52, which would have been a marvellous time five or so weeks ago, but is quite a drop-off today; still, it was a deliberate decision, and it felt good to let my legs run at a more modest pace. Tomorrow I may even skip the run altogether.

Morning Office, hot breakfast, Morning Worship from Sheffield on Radio Four, then Mass from Most Holy Trinity, Ettingshall, with the Feeney dogs barking in the background. As predicted, I spent most of the day banging my head against the translation of the ‘Remedium contra Pestem’. I overestimated my capacity to muddle through the Latin, so at the end of the day I called in an expert who may help see me through the tricksy parts. Jurassic Park III, Margaret’s mushroom burgers, and that wraps up Sunday. We’re planning to go to Walsingham tomorrow (in the licit, not Cummings-ian, sense of ‘go’) for the online National Pilgrimage.

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