COVID Eight²

This morning’s weather seemed so promising that I ran sans hoodie for the first time this summer. The temperature was 11°, the skies held light clouds, low pollen, and my limbs signalled cooperation and comfort (as much as one can expect when running a mile). I noticed heavy breathing again, but the mile took a mere 9:08, so whatever was happening couldn’t have affected me too grievously. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and I read several articles from the new issue of the Journal of Biblical Literature before pitching in to Legends. Mass from All Saints, Margaret Street at noon. I spent much of the afternoon reading as well, then the Office of Readings with SMMS. I cooked my Bachelor Dinner for Margaret and me, we watched the end of Westworld (about which my review is, ‘Meh’), and retired.

I lost my temper (culpably, at Margaret) a couple of times this afternoon and evening. Part of my short temper has to do with video chat, which I both dread and experience as awkward and stressful, evoking a maximal trigger for my social anxieties, and which exhausts my patience afterward; part, from the cumulative frustration of nine and half weeks of isolation; and part, I suppose, from a natural streak of irascibility. No video chat tomorrow, so I’ll try to behave better.

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