COVID Quarantine + Eighteen

A chilly morning at 3°, but a rapid run — 9:29. I spent much of the morning working to make an English-language version of the Plague Cross posted to Twitter by Fr A. Schrenk. Since then, others have posted more or less satisfactory alternatives, but this is what I came up with before I hit the absolute limitations of (a) my non-existent Italian (b) Google Translate (c) Inkscape (d) my mastery of Inkscape (first time).

Tridentine Plague Cross

Then, gathering my wits, I realised that I had devoted my most productive time of day to producing a very crude version of the original with a non-translation — which means I’m likely to turn back to it tomorrow. Lunch, and an afternoon mostly spent working on Legends (I’d like to finish the ‘Adam’ section anyway) with some fiddly work on my book project. End of the day, pasta and red sauce, and we started watching A Confession because Margaret finds Martin Freeman a comforting presence even in a bleak and dispiriting story.

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