COVID, Seventy Less One

If you’re reading this as life happens, at the same time (-ish) that I’m blogging, there’s no need to say how odd this interval of undifferentiated days can be. Today was in many respects just like every other day. In other ways, though, it was a pretty good day. My morning run, though not the fastest ever, went smoothly and relatively quickly (9:17, at 11°, with mild pollen levels according to the Home Office). I said the Office, had a crumpet for breakfast cos we were out of fruit, and settled in right away to write. First, I answered an encouraging email from a UK colleague who appreciated one of my ancient essays; then, buoyed by their enthusiasm, I devoted the morning to (successfully) grinding out more words for my book project. After an early lunch — writing can be hungry work, especially when you haven’t had much breakfast — I turned to Legends on which I made further progress. Margaret cooked a delicious aubergine casserole; we watched the first four episodes of Homecoming’s second season. If this were a predictable pattern, I might be able to get a fair swath of work done this summer. (I’m not counting on this being a predictable pattern. I just relish days like this when they come.)

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