COVID World, Day 50

This should be some sort of household jubilee, with celebration at having completed a half century of housebound obedience. Alas, no one is in a mood for jubilation; mildly satisfied determination is about all one can ask.
I slept a bit later than usual this morning, and got an even later start on my run (8°, very clear, feeling brisker than I’d have thought). I made several stops en route (I did poorly in Shoelace-Tying 101), so my time is even less indicative than usual, but I did come in at 9:45, which is better than I’d have estimated. Morning Office, shower up, fruit breakfast, and finished up marking. In the afternoon, I finished reading through Greer’s book, and succumbed to a couple distractions. Then Vespers, and Margaret and I testing the new Sainsbury’s vegan burgers while watching Vera.

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