COVID World, Day Fifty-Six

Not so cold, not so breezy, all clear and a satisfactory run of 9:39. Morning Office, shower, hot breakfast, and then to my book outline. I got a couple of paragraphs written, but it was slow going. On the other hand, I got a couple of paragraphs written, and that’s more than I did on the weekend.
And yes, I did devote a fair amount of time to the next chapter of Legends of the Jews, not solely to satisfy my neurological inclination to make dusty, jumbled things into orderly, tidy, handsome and useful things, but also because I have a student who’s interested in Adam christology, and the section on which I’m now working is the creation of Adam. Plus, it’s great and it satisfies my neurological inclinations.
Dinner from Majliss, and Bosch on the telly. See you tomorrow.

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