COVID World, Quarantine and a Half

Sixty days is a long time to spend at home.

The morning weather was pleasantly cool and clear, my knees felt fine, low pollen, and a gratifying 9:19 mile. Morning Office and hot breakfast. I poked in to Legends for a few minutes, then Sunday Mass at Most Holy Trinity Ettingshall with Fr Damian. After Mass, I launched into Legends seriously, and with grit and determination finished the ‘Adam’ portion of the book by the end of the afternoon.

Last night, Margaret wanted to print the text of a presentation she’s going to give tomorrow morning, but alas! the printer ran out of ink at exactly the wrong moment. I scrolled through my past Amazon orders to repeat a last-minute order (just as the last few times we’ve run out of ink), and it looks as though the price has almost doubled over the past five or so years — doubled, that is, over the already-outrageous cost per ounce.

Margaret roasted some veg and Quorn, and we watched the last Doctor Who episode of the series, then started the last Father Brown of the year (wrapped around a call from Nate). All in all, a rewarding day.

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