13°, very high pollen, high humidity, a bit of a slow start at limbering up my knees and thighs, for a mile time of 9:56. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and a morning devoted to Legends — with Abraham in the books, I think the end of Volume 1 (and relevant notes from Volume 5) is in sight, which is exciting indeed. Of course, that leaves three volumes of narrative and one and a half volumes of notes to go, but it’s still a landmark. Two afternoon socially-distant appointments (including a lovely conversation with a former student), and Margaret asked to see Game Night last night. She had seen it on one of her academic jet-set flights, I had not, and she wanted me to have seen it as well as she.

Ninety days — that’s more than two of Noah’s flood. Luckily, our home is not crowded with herbivores, predators, and their waste; but I have to admit that ‘forty days and forty nights’ sounds a lot less dramatic at this point.

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