COVID World, Day Eighty-Eight

Cool, just the right temperature for exercising (about 12°), calm, clear, and very high pollen — so that my morning mile was encumbered by streams running down the back of my throat. I made it home in 9:32, anyway. Morning Office, shower, hot breakfast, Mass of Corpus Christi first from Winchester Cathedral, then from the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Wolverhampton. I did some bits and bobs to further my examining, but most of the rest of the day I devoted to Legends. I realised that I had made some hasty mistakes in the handout I prepared yesterday, so I edited the handout and prepared another (a two-column parallel of a translation I made compared to the NRSV). We had Margaret’s chickpea omelettes for dinner, and had a good visit with Nate in the evening.

Tomorrow begins the un-lockdown in England. We are very skeptical of the evidence in favour of unlocking; let’s wait a week or ten days, to see how this plan works out. I’d project a serious swing upward in COVID cases, as I don’t believe there will be more than intermittent cooperation with the road markings and in-store guidance.

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