New Normal, Day Ninety-Three

A chilly 13° and wet, very high pollen and 99.9% humidity. I managed to stomp my way to a 9:27 mile, but I felt sluggish the whole way. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, some internet distractions, and Legends. That was most of the day, and I’m getting near the end of the ‘Jacob’ section.

I did take an hour or so out to blog my retrospective music choices for 1989.

In the late afternoon, an ultrasonic cleaner that I had ordered was delivered, and I tested it by cleaning the nib and section of a Waterman CF that I’d recently acquired. I had to run it through six or seven minutes of cleaning, but it de-gunked the dried ink in the section highly effectively. Now I’m looking through my other pens for nibs with flow problems.

I prepared some Quorn pepper steaks and mixed veg for dinner, and we finished up the series of Chernobyl.

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