Coronormal Day 121

I woke up stiff — my back threatened to develop spasms at a couple of points — so although the conditions for running were satisfactory, I decided not to time the run and simply to go slow and steady through the mile, which I then did. I felt limber by the time I finished, but I’m glad I didn’t push. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, and some online reading (including my roughly biannual visit to Ray Davis at Pseudopodium, where I marvelled, as usual, at his irascible erudition (if you stop in, don’t miss his Manifolds and Manifolds).

From then for the rest of the day, I alternated among reading The Difference Engine, working on a wedding sermon, and translating a snippet of Gregory of Nazianzus. As one does. Pizza for dinner, and more Gåsmammon.

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