First Sunday of New Normal

A beautiful morning for a run, if a bit chilly (6°) and with so abundant a proliferation of pollen that my eyes and nose were streaming all the way. It took a while to limber up, but good enough by the end, getting home in 9:23. Morning Office, hot breakfast, Morning Worship on Radio 4, and for the first time since mid-Lent, off to Mass for the first time in months. It was a tremendous relief and joy.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. Margaret and I decided the time had come to buy a new television set, and the smallest in our price/features range will be more than twice the diagonal length (24″ -> 49″), and many times the resolution of our current monitor. It’s a disconcerting prospect. We obviously aren’t much fussed about these details, having lived happily with our current monitor for twelve years, but since the next few months, or years, seem likely to be more housebound than the past, it seemed a reasonable time to make a change. Although I did much of the pricing and comparisons two weeks ago (to avoid the risk of impulse buying), I did some follow-up investigation (apparently our soon-to-come TV will not easily fit on the table that currently supports our monitor, so I found a support that will work on our table).

Some reading, some reviewing, some work on Legends Vol. II, and jacket potatoes for dinner, and more Mallorca Files.

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