New Normal 117

The weather was fine for this morning’s run, but I felt… well, I was stiff and slept late, my heart wasn’t in it, and I was tempted to not run at all. Instead I chose to take a deliberately slow, untimed run, so that I did keep up my mile-ing, but not at a demanding pace. Morning office, fruit breakfast, and on to writing the review I owe.

I hammered away at it all day, on and off; I try to make sure that the summary I write would satisfy the book’s author, before I evaluate the success of the endeavour. That entails scan-rereading the thing, and trying to tease out in two or three sentences the heart of what an author spent many pages explaining. As such, I made a lot of headway, but did not finish up. We had leftovers for dinner, and Margaret had a long evening of business meetings.

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