Quatorze Juillet, Corona Year One (118)

This morning was humid, 14°, and I had sluggish legs; as so often in humid weather, it felt as though I were running through high-density air. My mile time was 9:51. After the Morning Office and some cleaning up, Margaret and I ventured out to Rick’s for breakfast. After that, I buckled down on my book review.

In the afternoon, a friend stopped by for a lovely visit, and then our new television and its dedicated stand arrived, so I spent much of the late afternoon and early evening putting the bits together (with insufficient directions, I venture to stay). It is indeed vast, although it’s last year’s model, the smallest they made last year, and you can’t buy one this small at all among this year’s models. It set up very easily, once I united the bits to one another, and I’m looking forward to watching a Bond film on it tomorrow….

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