O Uncertain New World, Day 110

The weather this morning was fine, my knees limbered up satisfactorily, and I took a mid-mile break to take a photo for Margaret, all with the result that my time broke the nine-minute barrier. That doesn’t count, in whatever scorebook someone may be keeping, since the break enabled me to catch my breath and rest my legs for a few minutes, but the running part of my mile added up to 8:59. Morning Office, fruit breakfast, a bit of reading (including the resolution of Count Zero) and then errands out to drop my bike off for a summer once-over, to wave cheerily at shopkeepers whose doors are now open again (and to stop in at a couple), and to pick up some necessities.

The rest of the day was taken up with reading for research, and reading Mona Lisa Overdrive. The good news is, of course, that I’m reading long and intensely; the less good news is that for the moment, it’s still mostly fiction. But I’m reading.

Margaret is conducting some work online in the evenings, so late afternoon and all evening she was upstairs and down, with not entertainment break. She did whip up a rich spaghetti sauce, though, and we dined sumptuously on pasta.

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