Good Morning, Class

After my morning run, Morning Office, fruit breakfast, House Meeting, and some consultation with colleagues, I gave my first lecture since Hilary Term. It was a bit unnerving, what with a red line taped to the floor so that I not score a goal when the ball is offside, and having to wipe down everything I touched, but I think all is well and this year’s Bible scholars will do just fine. Lunch andd more prep work, plus discussions with a student relative to the relation of ancient exorcism and modern mental health, which sounds more intriguing than they’ll be able to squeeze into the paltry word count they’re allowed. Then I ran out of gas in the late afternoon, said St Wilfrid’s Mass, Evening Office, emjoyed the grilled cheese sandwiches and soup that MArgaret prepared, and watched a couple of episodes of Ozark.

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