Noughth Begins

Morning run, chapel for the Office and Mass, fruit breakfast at home (cos the college doesn’t have space for staff to breakfast with appropriate social distance), then a series of Zoom meetings: one, two, three, four, with opportunities to meet new students. The afternoon took up and then amended prep for two of my modules, because the accrediting overseers (who made several constructive suggestions regarding problems in one of my assessments) won’t allow me to change the assessment until the changed regimen passes review at the Central Committee, which only meets occasionally — so that after hearing and accepting criticism of my module design, I have to perpetuate for it another year. Moreover, to ameliorate the problems cited in the assessment, I have to put extra work into patching and reconfiguring an exercise that I’ll only offer once more. Sigh.
Evening Prayer, Majliss for dinner, Ozark, and that’s a wrap.

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