The Magic Half-Hour

On Wednesday mornings, the Office begins a half hour later, a precious thirty minutes that makes a world of difference to the weary flesh. It gave me a pleasant cushion for the timing of my morning run, and a bit of extra wakefulness when I set to work. I gave the annual ‘Preaching the Scriptures’ lecture, then dashed to Oriel for lunch with my new colleagues Brendan and John. (Brendan’s a long-standing friend, John a PG student at Worcester who’s covering some of the modern theology teaching at Oriel this year.) Then back to St Stephen’s House for a Zoom meeting with this year’s complement of Oxford BA students (two veterans from last year, two new recruits), and after a short break back to Oriel to meet the first-years. Sadly, through a miscommunication, the first-years were not where I expected to meet them, but Brendan and I had a glass of wine and caught up with Oriel and Theology Faculty news. Then back home, where Margaret had a delicious veg stir-fry with her homemade pesto, and the end of the first season of Ozark.

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