Going to Rome

Not me, neither for a holiday nor ecclesially, but only the Euro Championship — well earned, as the Italians gave a clinic in patient pressure on England’s defence for most of the game. And full marks to Jordan Pickford, who kept England in the game in the face of pressure that hardly lessened through most of the two regular periods, the overtime, and the shootout.

I didn’t run this morning because of rain; I was surprised that that seems to have made me a little cranky, at least till after fruit breakfast and second coffee. After I settled into a more productive frame of mind, I spent most of the day working on my essay on Anglican hermeneutics, partly in reading for research, partly in deliberating about how best to structure my argument, and partly caring for dogs who don’t give a fig about Anglican hermeneutics. I think I may have shifted my approach from an easy but lazy angle to a more adventuresome but more original angle.

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