Back To Zero

For a while, during the initial wave of COVID and Lockdown One, I blogged daily — mostly just the time of my daily run and weather conditions, but it was daily (if painfully boring). Since waiting for the topical muse has failed me since lockdown was lifted, I’ll try blogging about my morning run again, to see whether that jars loose the logjam that constricts my online imagination.

So: Ran my two miles this morning in 1° weather, clear and dry, and felt all right about it. I’m not timing myself any more; I’m not in a race and I don’t want to give myself something to which to attach competitiveness. So I ran, shivered, showered, and am ready to go.

It’s a (re)start.

2 thoughts on “Back To Zero

  1. I remember one of my meditation teachers once saying “the purpose of sitting is to wake up. And so if you catch yourself drifting away, just start again. The more times you drift away and start again, the more practice you get in waking up!”

    Welcome back. Again. All good.

  2. It’s good to be back, and even more encouraging to find, and rebuild, those connections that made the DIY social media of blogging attractive in the first place. Cheers, Chris!

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