I’ve Seen the Light… Rain

When I woke up this morning, the rain was steady and serious. I expected just to give my morning run a miss, with a mixture of regret at deviating from my pattern and relief at… not running for two miles in the rain. After two-thirds of a cup of coffee, though, I noticed that the birds were singing and that I could no longer hear the rainfall. On that basis, and bearing in mind that the hour of transition from night to day often banishes nighttime rainfall, I put on my trainers and hoodie and rain shell and took off for my run. I neglected one factor.

Rain that diminishes for one minute often returns several minutes later.

So: two soggy miles, 10° (though it felt a good deal chillier in the wet), and a surprisingly good pace. Glad to get home, impressed (if somewhat hesitantly) to see several attractive job openings in the end-of-week adverts. And I’m almost dry.

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