Salutations from St Andrews

The days have gone by quickly here, and very pleasantly indeed, in the most hospitable care of Lil and Fr Alasdair. The congregation expressed encouraging appreciation of Thursday night’s sermon, and I venture to suppose that tonight’s — connected to the Maundy Thursday homily as one bookend to another — may go down as well. The weather has been chilly but reasonably sunny, and if the town is heaving with tourists, it’s because it’s a beautiful seaside town with a historic links course, beaches (depending on how hardy one feels), a sorrowfully beautiful ruins of the majestic cathedral, a world-class university, and for some, the lingering glamour of Will and Kate. (I think rather of former students of mine Mary and Seamus, but I don’t expect that everyone would know them.)

All Saints Church, St Andrews

Interior of All Saints, St Andrews — Hanging rood crucifix, high altar, stained glass

Blessed Sacrament Chapel, All Saints, St Andrews

Ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrews — the east end of the nave, two towers

Ornamental wrought iron gate, ornamented with gilt leaves and purple grapes

Rectory hen

The congregation of All Saints impresses me no end, and the rectory’s other guests contribute to a general converse of wit, insight, catholic devotion, hope, and Super Mario Brothers and Chekhov (You will have to ask Lil to explain that). Evening is coming, the Vigil will begin in about three hours, and I hear rumours that great things await. Bless you, all, and I’ll be in touch again soon.

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