Change of Pace

Two miles, 5°, clear skies, no aches or pains, and a decent pace. Yesterday I saw a genuine young person running toward me, and he bounded as he went; he stride had a coiled-spring vitality that I can’t even imagine feeling, though perhaps if I ventured into the world of yoga or Pilates I could rediscover that limber fluidity of motion.

East-facing view of morning sky, streaked with pink-orange,  down an Oxford road lined by terraced houses, with the silhouette of a bare tree at the focal point.

It’s time for me to stop moaning about employment prospects. After a year of balked hopes, this month opens with a surge of realistic positive prospects, including an interview today and other even more intriguing possibilities on the horizon. I’m not jumping to any conclusions, but it does feel as though light may be dawning.

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