So This Is What It’s Like

This morning I caught a glimpse of what regular official runner-type people evidently experience: the temperature had climbed back up to a more comfortable 9°, very light cloud (I could see the sun rise over Headington), a respectable pace with no significant discomfort, and two miles to get home for a pleasant cup of coffee. Well done, morning. The ‘running’ part still doesn’t especially appeal to me, but it serves its purpose.

I don’t usually talk much about my weight, which is only a side effect of being fitter in general, but my current plateau hovers a little over 12 stone, between 77 and 78 kg (169 and 172 lb). I’d like to hammer it down to 12 stone even, 75 kg, which would approximate my maximum undergraduate weight (though it would be very differently distributed he said, looking down at his waist) — but for now, that’s a very satisfying side effect.

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