Strange Recollections and Two More Miles

Yesterday afternoon I recalled the advertisements for Archway, our favourite local brand of biscuits when I was a youngster in Pittsburgh. I looked googled the company slogan in hopes of rediscovering the specific adverts I had in mind, the ones Robert Drosnes used to mock by pulling a face similar to those of the grinning children in the clip, and by quoting their strapline: ‘Looky, looky, looky / Archway Homestyle Cookies…’ Probably for the best, these have vanished into the abyss of memory.

6°, clear skies, my joints were achy at first but loosened up as I went, decent pace, another two miles. Every morning I ask myself, ‘Shall I give myself a day off running?’ and every day I say, ‘No, you’ll miss a day when you go up to Scotland, it might be raining someday, you should run every day that circumstances don’t prevent it.’ So another day, another two miles.

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