So Much Happening Under Appearances

So, I decided not to alternate days; my heel felt fine this morning, so I went ahead and ran my miles (16°, clear, mild pollen, revellers returning from their college balls in gowns and tuxes, or in improvised walking-home attire, limber, good pace). I walked to church also, and will go in to the Oxford ordinations this afternoon, so I’ll probably be sore tomorrow. Still, I long for just not thinking about how my foot feels.

Yesterday, we learned that our once-neighbour Lai-King Leong had died. We lived beside Lai-King and Leong Seow for our five years in Princeton, and they exemplified friendliness and collegiality in every way; Lai-King was as sweet as anyone I’ve known. Our hearts ache for Leong, and for all who loved and knew Lai-King — the pangs of death cut all the more deeply when we lose so lovely a friend, and as we see and share Leong’s grief. Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

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