A New Push

14°, grey but no mist or rain, my lifter-upper muscles were a bit sore after a good vigorous run yesterday, took things at a moderate pace, and racked up another two miles.

Last night a friend urged me to apply for another post, for which they thought me ideal; I had thought I didn’t meet the qualifications, but they urged me to apply, saying that the overall hopes of the congregation were for someone just like me. That confidence in me, along with the upcoming interview, raise my spirits a little, and I’m feeling somewhat (extremely cautiously) restored to a more positive outlook.

1 thought on “A New Push

  1. Definitely apply for things even if you don’t fit everything in the description. Often job descriptions are aspirational and not as stringent as it sounds like you assume. Plus when we advertise academic jobs (professorial or administrative) we consistently get in the mix things from people who have no relevant qualifications or experience. We might not hire someone who lacks one thing we’re looking for if someone else in the pool has it, but we never consider it inappropriate that they applied.

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