Good, For A Probable Language Choice Model

My homily for tomorrow touches on Romans 7 and Matthew 11:16–30, so for a lark I asked Chat-GPT to compose a sonnet on Matthew 11:19. This is what the LLM returned:

In wisdom’s realm, where noble words reside,
There shines a truth from Jesus, wise and true,
“Vindication rests in deeds,” He did confide,
A precious teaching, shared for me and you.

For words, though sweet, are like a fleeting breeze,
That oft may blow and fade into the night,
But deeds, like sturdy oaks, bend not with ease,
They stand the test of time, in truth’s respite.

Wisdom, a jewel that sparkles in the mind,
Reveals her brilliance through her righteous ways,
By actions noble, selfless, and refined,
Her worth is proved in deeds that earn our praise.

So let us strive to live with wisdom’s grace,
And let our deeds the light of truth embrace.

Now, I know that this is just a probabilistic concatenation of plausibly-connected phrases, but for an algorithm, that’s an impressive result, with good rhyme and satisfactory meter and a moderately intelligible point. I won’t be using it in the homily, though.

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