This Rush of Hits

‘Whence comes this rush of wings?’ asks the Christmas hymn, and of laate I’ve seen an uptick of traffic that might be difficult to account for, were it not for site traffic software. It runs out that many browsers have been coming here in search of the digital edition of my collections of sermons, coming from the very wonderful Jenee Woodard. I haven’t heard from her in a long time; I hope she and her family are managing all right. Do send support for her endeavours at Textweek.

Anyway, this is just to thank Jenee for the link(s) that so many people seem to be following, and to note that the collection comes from twenty years ago or theereabouts, and a number of sermons I’ve preached since then may be found mingled with my usual musings here. If you look over at the menu on the right (where we uysed to have blogrolls in the olden times), there’s an option to ‘select category’ where you can find only posts where I’ve included a sermon and remembered to tick the ‘Sermons’ box when publishing them. And if there’s popular demand (that’s what the Comments are for), I have a great many more sermons that I haven’t uploaded here, that I could add to the collection.

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